Children, Teens and One Brain

Some of the most amazing sessions I’ve been a part of have been while working with children and teens; especially with stress on learning and self-esteem. In fact, on the early 1980’s grant studies were conducted in California that showed astonishing improvement with children with learning challenges. It was quickly discovered that all other areas of children’s and teen’s lives could be positively impacted as well. I’ve been privileged to work with children and teens regarding learning difficulties, divorce, fear of the weather – especially lightning, low self-esteem, cutting and self- mutilation, drug use, sadness, fronting(pretending like they don’t care), bed-wetting, physical abuse and trauma, emotional abuse, and more. I would be honored to assist you and your child.

All child/teen sessions are done in conjunction with a parent session. They do not have to be at the same time, but I must work with at least one parent when I work with a child or teenager. Experience shows that there are always connections to Mom and/ or Dad that must be de-fused as well.

As the session begins, you will notice I always get on the same level or below the child i.e. Sitting on a small stool, a ball, the floor, etc.

I will talk to the child as if he is an adult. Actually he is a real person, just in a smaller/younger body. Since it is his/her session I will get in his/her world with my language always keeping it light and fun.

The child will have a chance to say ‘Yes’ to the session.

  • “Did your Mom/Dad tell you to come?”
  • “Are you o.k. with that?”
  • “What did she say to you about today?”
  • “Would you like me to show you a little bit about what we’ll be doing?”

I will show muscle testing to child and demonstrate how it works by picking something to test that is of interest and relates to the child. i.e. favorite food, favorite pizza, favorite thing in school, etc.

I will keep present for everyone that we are just ‘playing’. Ask permission to ‘play’ and begin most child sessions with “Are we ready to rock and roll”?

Remember this is the child’s session – so all inquiries will be directed to the child. Parents may be in the room as the session is conducted but only as an observer. If I must get information from the parents, I will ask the child if it’s o.k. to speak to the parents and ask them some questions.

The child will be able to move around if needed. There will be just enough restrictions to be able to conduct the session.

I’ll communicate the Barometer in ‘kid’ language. Possibly using the ‘eye modes’ to tell the barometer story because it can be an easy and powerful method to de-fuse the issue.

Just like big people, sometime children “just have a short circuit” and they can experience the powerful results from One Brain™


I trust that the child is showing up because I am the perfect one to assist them. In fact, do this work for moments like this.