Dis-connecting STRESS

When under stress, the physical body sends approximately 80% of our blood flow to our extremities. The purpose is for our survival – fight or flight. That leaves 20% of our blood flow in our brain to run old past programs and have us stuck in the circle of sameness. Unable to think a new thought or see with new eyes, we try and try and try but our efforts fail.

Have you ever asked yourself,” I don’t know why I keep doing that, I know better?”; and no matter what you’ve tried, thinking you’ve taken a step forward only to discover it’s a different version different day – stuck in an ongoing pattern. Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that 95% of our actions come from past programs and patterns. No matter how ‘conscious’ we are, we are only ‘consciously’ doing the unconscious program. The majority of our patterns are developed in early childhood from either an event we felt deeply and connected thought to (creating an automatic feeling/thinking program) or learned behavior from our parents and peers.

There is hope! As negative stress occurs, that stress fuses to negative feelings and becomes an integral part of our life experience. When a similar experience reoccurs, the same negative stress is triggered. We then layer on more negative stress and the mountain of resignation and suffering grows deeper. If we base our choices on reactions to unpleasant experiences, we can get locked into self-limitation, denial and judgment. Stuck in patterns that keep us from experiencing the success we want. We no longer believe we have any choice concerning our future. A One Brain session unlocks and de-fuses the automatic reaction pattern and gives you the freedom to choose for your highest good. Think of stress like a dam or wall that blocks a flowing river, causing stagnant water and the buildup of toxins and other harmful influences. Stress creates blocks that stop the healthy flow of energy. Since energy creates matter, energy blockages create blocks in our physical bodies that manifest themselves as illness. To maintain harmony, balance and health, each cell needs to communicate freely with the other cells. Unfortunately, stress affects this inner intelligence and harmony. Stress is like a radio signal jammer that interferes with our cells ability to communicate with each other leading to more dis-harmony inside the body and more dis-ease.

Negative Emotion can create and certainly maintain physical, emotional and mental imbalances within the body. In many ways your brain is like a computer. Your brain stores the messages that are programmed into it and then acts or re-acts to the input received. In fact, everything you’ve ever heard, seen, said or done has been stored – permanently – in your mental computer and has become your operating instructions for life. So, regardless of what is going on right now, your brain is assisting you in how to respond by pulling up the past by what it considers relevant. Using bio-feedback from your body, a One-Brain™ Session allows you access to data stored on your cellular level. By using simple corrections or reading specific material, the negative emotions attached to past messages can be released and de-fused. Once those neural-pathways from past programming are no longer running the show, you are free – free to create new patterns and establish new programs. You now have the ability to choose your response to your life from a whole new paradigm.

Since YOU, the client, are the only legitimate source about yourself, hands on Muscle testing is used to access your body’s information. The testing is to determine the stress or emotion connected to the unwanted situation or dis-ease. Utilizing The Behavioral Barometer™ you identify where you are emotionally right now and how this unwanted situation is stored in your Cellular Memory. This information is used to balance your life force or vital energy through release of negative emotions and to educate you to bring yourself to peace.

A One-Brain™ Session is a gentle, effective way, to release blocks and reduce stress on any issue in your life.

– By Sara L. Bronson

February 10, 2017 | Sara L. Bronson