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One-Brain™ System from Three in One Concepts™

Let’s face it, sometimes you feel stuck as if on a hamster wheel and no matter what you do ‘it’ keeps going around and around. In the resource section of his book The Honeymoon Effect, Dr. Bruce Lipton lists Three in One Concepts™ as a Belief Change Modality for Accessing and Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind. “Based on research and development in the field of applied kinesiology, Three in One Concepts™ assists people who want to take responsibility for creating their own well-being by integrating body, mind and spirit.”

I work with the Negative Emotional Charge (self-doubt) people have on issues. Negative Emotion can create (and certainly maintain) physical imbalances within the body. Once this stress is off-the-line, the body can more easily re-balance and heal itself.

Using the One-Brain™ system, facilitators from around the world have had remarkable success educating clients to release such issues as chronic or acute emotional / physical pain, low self-esteem, and unhappy personal or professional relationships. In many ways your brain is like a computer. Your brain stores the messages that are programmed into it and then acts or re-acts to the input received. In fact, everything you’ve ever heard, seen, said or done has been stored – permanently – in your mental computer and has become your operating instructions for life. So, regardless of what is going on right now, your brain is assisting you in how to respond by pulling up the past by what it considers relevant. Using bio-feedback from your body, a One-Brain™ Session allows you access to data stored on your cellular level. By using simple corrections or reading specific material, the negative emotions attached to past messages can be released and de-fused. Once those neural-pathways from past programming are no longer running the show, you are free – free to create new patterns and establish new programs. You now have the ability to choose your response to your life from a whole new paradigm.

Since YOU, the client, are the only legitimate source for information about yourself, I use Applied Kinesiology (or Muscle testing) to get bio-feedback from your body. Though it looks like I am testing the strength of the muscle, I’m using the testing to determine the stress or emotion connected to the unwanted situation or dis-ease. Also utilizing The Behavioral Barometer™, an ingenious road map for identifying where you are emotionally right now, I will assist you to get your ‘Body Story’ – how this unwanted situation is stored in your Cellular Memory. What I do is assist you to use this information to balance your life force or vital energy through release of negative emotions and also educate you to act wisely by thinking more harmonious thoughts.

A One-Brain™ Session is a gentle, effective way, based on your body’s response, to release blocks and reduce stress on any issue in your life.

I am honored and privileged to represent this powerful work. The goal of any consultation or workshop I present is to create communication, balance, compassion and understanding among all human beings creating freedom to live in harmony.

Sara L Bronson
One-Brain™ Facilitator and Life Coach
Happiness Connection

February 14, 2017 | Sara L. Bronson