Unless you are a soldier or living in the wilderness, rarely do you have to run from a tiger or fight hand-to-hand combat. Survival today depends less on your physical ability to conquer someone and relies more on your ability to transform and manage stress. Instead of evolving physically to meet the attacks of predators, we must evolve consciously to meet the challenges of a changing society. After all, it’s not the tigers and wild animals but our own fear and negative thoughts that cause us harm. Stress is not something that happens to us. We each are subconsciously CHOOSING our reactions to the present circumstances based upon our past experiences.

Think of stress like a dam or wall that blocks a flowing river, causing stagnant water and the buildup of toxins and other harmful influences. Stress creates blocks that stop the healthy flow of energy. Since energy creates matter, energy blockages create blocks in our physical bodies that can manifest themselves as illness. To maintain harmony, balance and health, each cell needs to communicate freely with the other cells. Unfortunately, stress affects this inner intelligence and harmony. Stress is like a radio signal jammer that interferes with our cells ability to communicate with each other leading to more dis-harmony with our Mental, Emotional, or Physical body.

When you were born, you did not need training to use your eyes in order to see. Hearing, smelling, tasting and touch through your skin also came just as naturally to you that no training on how to “do it” was necessary. In other words, you were born into a physical body that contained within its cells the knowledge of translating vibrations into meaningful experiences.

Beyond the five senses that we are commonly aware of there is another less-realized sense – the sense of emotion. Just as with our other five senses, this sixth sense requires no training for us to understand that it exists. Just as no one taught us to see or to hear, smell, taste, or touch, we do not need training in order to recognize that we feel emotions. We often explain how we “feel” with language: “I feel happy,” “I feel lonely,” ” I feel excited,” or ” I feel guilty.”

Our emotions play a large role in the life experience of all of us but are we aware of the astonishing power and value of our emotions?

When I was born into this world
The only things I knew were love, laugh, and shine my light brightly.
Then as I grew, people told me to stop laughing.
“Take life seriously,” they said,
“if you want to get ahead in this world.”
So I stopped laughing.
People told me, “Be careful who you love if you don’t want your heart broken.”
So I stopped loving.
They said, “Don’t shine your light so bright as it draws too much attention onto you.”
So I stop shining
And became small
And withered
And died
Only to learn upon death
That all that matters in life
Is to love, laugh, and shine our light brightly!
Anita Moorjani

I believe we are born knowing the truth of who we are. But we reject this knowledge as we grow up and try to fit in and conform to society, conditioning ourselves to its norms. We learn to look outside ourselves for guidance, and in doing so, we take on other people’s expectations for us. Then when we can’t live up to all these external expectations, we feel in adequate and flawed.

This means that as we navigate through life, the beliefs making up the very foundation that our personal values are based on are all untrue! So no matter how many self-development workshops we take or how many self-help books we read, we will still keep going outside ourselves for answers. Not only does this not serve us, it can actually hold us back! Nothing can change these destructive patterns until we break open the myths and reveal the lies that have been informing our thoughts and beliefs.

We have bought into myths that most of us have accepted as truth. These myths are pervasive and often invisible to us. The One Brain method is one way for overcoming some of this conditioning so you can turn the myths around in your life and finally live from your truth instead.

February 3, 2017 | Sara L. Bronson