Talking to Your Cells Memory

Sally couldn’t understand why she couldn’t reach the top in her department. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, she knew how to put in extra hours, could quote the product manuals inside and out, kept in great physical shape and yet was stuck, unable to think a new thought. What else was she to do? Not only was she not the top in sales, she was very near the bottom of the list. (When under stress, the physical body sends approximately 80% of our blood flow to our extremities. The purpose is for our survival – fight or flight. That leaves 20% of our blood flow in our brain to run old past programs and have us stuck in the circle of sameness. Unable to think a new thought or see with new eyes, we try and try and try but our efforts fail).

When I first met Sally, her negative stress level was off the chart. On the positive side, her motivation for change had reached the bottom: zero (0). This told me she had exhausted all options according to her internal program. (Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that 95% of our actions come from past programs and patterns. No matter how ‘conscious’ we are, we are only ‘consciously’ doing our unconscious programs. The majority of our patterns are developed in early childhood from either an event we felt deeply and connected thought to (creating an automatic feeling/thinking program) or learned behavior from our parents or peers)

After listening to what Sally was dealing with, we started to do hands-on muscle testing to hear what her body memory had to say. (As negative stress occurs, that stress fuses to negative feelings and becomes an integral part of our life experience. When a similar experience reoccurs, the same negative stress is triggered. We then layer on more negative stress and the mountain of resignation and suffering grows deeper). Sally’s body took us to age 5. “What do you remember?” I asked. She remembered catching the school bus in the morning just before daybreak. Her body said something was connected to her Mother. Then she remembered, every day when her Mother dropped her off at the bus stop on her way to work the very last thing her Mom said was “Remember, don’t talk to strangers!” “Oh no!”, Sally shouted. “I have to talk to strangers every day. I’m in sales. Come to think of it, that’s the part of my job which stresses me most. I prefer almost anything over making new contacts.” (In many ways our brain is like a computer. Our brain stores the messages that are programmed into it and then acts or re-acts to the input received. In fact, everything you’ve ever heard, seen, said or done has been stored – permanently – in your mental computer and has become your operating instructions for life. So, regardless of what is going on right now, your brain is assisting you in how to respond by pulling up from the past by what it considers relevant – the feeling/thinking connection) We did the corrections and read what Sally’s body selected so she could disconnect her “fearful five-year-old’s” automatic pattern and connect to her desires as a competent, powerful sales leader in present time.

(A One-Brain™ session unlocks and de-fuses the automatic reaction pattern and gives you the freedom to choose for your highest good.) In other words, your body will take you to where an event happened that is connected to what is going on now so you can release the stuck emotion allowing you to upgrade your cell memory bank. This process gives you back the driver’s seat in your life – no longer a passenger along for the ride with no say in what you experience or powerless to feeling heard. (Once those neural-pathways from past programming are no longer running the show, you are free – free to create new patterns and establish new programs. Utilizing The Behavioral Barometer™ you identify where you are emotionally right now and how this unwanted situation is stored in your Cellular Memory. This information is used to balance your life force or vital energy through release of negative emotions and to educate you to bring yourself to peace.

Want a life re-do? Then come for a 3 Day Make Over – The Happiness Connection. We spend 3 days clearing and reprogramming cell memory using the One-Brain™ technique.

“This wonderful workshop enabled me to access internalized deeply buried emotional experiences from early childhood, that would have not otherwise been discoverable so easily.  I expect that will lead to a more joyful, happy and productive life experience.”  M.G.


“The Workshop was Amazing.  I was familiar with some the process and expected it to be powerful and healing.  It completely surpassed my expectations.  I am so grateful that I found out about this workshop, and many thanks to Sara, the staff, and all those who attended.”  L.W.

“If you desire to get in touch with your true self, don’t miss this transformational workshop!  Sara is a gifted teacher.” L.S.


“Amazing experience.  We learned the tools to release the stored energy running our auto pilot—and we don’t even need to know the cause of it!  The group was wonderful and we all learned how similar our issues really are.  Such connection.  It was great.”  C.C.

-By Sara Bronson

February 22, 2017 | Sara L. Bronson