One-BrainTM DVD Sessions

Sessions are designed to be viewed in their entirety.
Please give yourself adequate time without interruptions. Have paper and pen available.

Length – 1 hour to 1 hour 25 minutes
Cost – $30 per DVD

These sessions were recorded live with the participant dealing with a current challenge. Each session has a main topic and covers 2-4 related stressors. The sessions are designed to be interactive with the viewer – much like a group class is conducted. Throughout the entire session keep your eyes open and be fully present. As the session progresses, when the participant selects a reading, place one of your hands on your forehead and the other hand on the middle of the back of your head. The purpose of this action is to bring blood flow to the frontal and occipital sections of your brain. Each session is intended to give you access to think new thoughts and see with new eyes. When the reading is put on the screen, read along with the participant. Be amazed as you read how related you are to the reading. Notice if emotions come up. Allow them to be gently released. Whether you feel emotions or not, the process is still working.

Our sessions are completed by Sara, our One-Brain coach. Listen to the dialogue she has with the participant. Be present in those words and notice which words you relate to and what thoughts or memories they bring up. Trust yourself. Stand in the possibility that even though your issue may not be exactly the same, you have selected the perfect session to participate with. When the guest goes back in time to the connected block, self-reflect to see if you remember an event around the age the participant has chosen. Above all, stay tuned-in as you support yourself to disconnect from the feeling/thinking pattern. Next, spend a few moments connecting the past with what is occurring in the present.

Additional readings and corrections assist the participant and you to disengage and release the blocks.

Most sessions end with declaring a New Choice, New Self Talk, and New Action or Behavior. Have pen and paper ready so you can fully participate. Even if you say your Changed Awareness out loud to yourself, you are leveraging the full power of God, the Universe, and Source for your benefit.

Available Sessions

Happiness Evening Series, Stress and Anxiety

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Free Webinar, Happiness Reconnection, Finding Balance, Selfish vs. Self Care

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Communication is the focus in this session. If you are feeling challenged or stressed in your ability to express yourself this DVD is for you. Follow along & participate with Paul in his journey to freedom in his communication.

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Let go of the struggle of living life experiencing ‘either one or the other’. Lynne shares how people who are caretakers have difficulty considering themselves. “Fearful I will have to give up something if I take care of my own needs.” This DVD will assist to claim the option of I can have ‘both’.

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