Happiness Connection Workshops and Classes

We focus on, clarify, and de-fuse the obstacles to the fulfillment of living a life you love.

The Happiness Connection© provides a variety of programs that introduce you to yourself in a whole new light! Through a unique combination of skills and insight, we have put together a program of self-discovery which is like nothing else you have ever experienced.

Its foundation: that there is only one legitimate source for what you need to know about becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming – and that source is YOU.

Our whole purpose is to help you integrate body, mind, and spirit so you can create the kind of life you really want to live. We will assist you to disconnect the feeling/thinking patterns in every area of your life with the One Brain™ system you learn your power of choice.

The results? Spectacular!

Perception expands, skills increase, and so does self-esteem. Relationships improve, communication gets better and self-confidence soars. Can you really experience something in a three-day class to help you get better, personally and professionally? The answer is YES.

To register for workshops held at Hippocrates Health Institute please call 561-471-5867. For all other workshops Register Here