Session Overview

It has been said that 95% of everything we do is from old back brain programming. Then, does it not stand to “reason” if we could just access that old programming we could flip the script and harness the power of our subconscious mind? What if there actually is a magic genie in the bottle? We can and there is, well, figuratively speaking.

Several years ago, in his book Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins said “Contained within each of us is all of the answers of the universe”. Dr. Bruce Lipton even gave us a list in The Honeymoon Effect on “how to access and reprogram our subconscious mind”. One such method is by using the One-Brain© technique from Three in One Concepts. By simple, hands-on muscle testing, using the body as the Source, we can connect to cell memory, change our past programming and re-create ourselves and our automatic responses to life.

Many of us have said “I don’t know why I keep doing that! I know better!” Our brain stores the messages that are programmed into it and then acts or re-acts to the input received. In fact, everything we’ve ever heard, seen, said or done has been stored – permanently – in our mental computer and has become our operating instructions for life. So, regardless of what is going on right now, our brain is assisting us in how to respond by pulling up the past by what it considers relevant. Using hands-on bio-feedback from your body, a One-Brain™ Session allows us access to data stored on our cellular level. By using simple corrections or reading specific material, the negative emotions attached to past messages can be released and de-fused. Once those neural-pathways from past programming are no longer running the show, we are free – free to create new patterns and establish new programs. This method gives us the ability to choose our response to our life and a whole new paradigm to work from.